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Access to the boatman profession is open only to individuals with the specific professional requirements, hired through a public competition announced by the local Maritime Authority and recorded in special registers by the Harbourmaster���s Office.


Deck and engine room qualifications

All boatmen in the Port of Ravenna have the professional qualifications required to manoeuvre the nautical craft utilised by the Group, as well as the following deck and engine room qualifications:

  • Nr. 3 Master on ships of 3.000 Gross Tonnage or more
  • Nr.12 Master on ships of between 500 and 3.000 Gross Tonnage
  • Nr. 2 Master on ships of less than 500 Gross Tonnage engaged on near coastal voyages
  • Nr. 2 Officer in charge of navigational watch
  • Nr. 8 Skipper

  • Nr. 12 Chief Engineer on ships powered by main propulsion machinery of between 750 and 3.000 KW
  • Nr. 4 Officer in charge of an engineering watch
  • Nr. 11 Qualified Mechanic

They have also successfully attended and completed the following courses according to the IMO STCW/95 convention:

Basic and Advanced Fire-fighting - Individual Survival and Rescue - Personal Safety and Social Accountability - Basic First Aid - Medical care - Radar Observer and ARPA Radar - ARPA SAR BTW - G.M.D.S.S. operator - - Bosiet (Opito)


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